Microfiltration for Circulating Tumor Cells

Personalized Cancer Therapy and Disease Monitoring

“Liquid biopsy” using circulating tumor cells (CTCs) is potentially a minimally invasive alternative to traditional tissue biopsy to determine cancer therapy.

Enumeration of CTCs may be used to indicate prognosis and to monitor treatment.

Isolation of CTCs by size exclusion is a widely researched technique to collect CTCs from patient peripheral blood. Creatv produces precision CellSieveTM microfilters with dense, uniform pores.

Microfiltration using CellSieveTM takes only minutes and provides high capture efficiency.


  • Biocompatible polymer
  • Pore diameter: 7 µm
  • Filter size: 13 mm
  • 160,000 pores within 9 mm diamter
CellSieveTM Test Kits